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ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) has laid down a procedure for the transfer of generic domain names (.com / .org / .net /.biz /.info). This procedure works very well - except when customers have difficulty communicating with their registration company!

Please note:

  • Only domains that have been registered longer than 60 days can be transferred.
  • If a transfer succeeds the domain registration gets extended by one year. That means that there will be a one year registration fee to pay from our side.

Step 1

You need to identify the email address of the administrative contact for the domain name. That may well be you - but the chances are that it is not you but an email address belonging to the company that sold you the domain name.

One way to find out is to visit, then select "Domain Dossier" and "Whois Record". Hopefully you will be able to see on that page the email address of the administrative contact.

Step 2

a) Make sure that the administrative contact is ready and prepared to approve the domain transfer request which will be sent to the administrative contact email address.

b) Make sure that the administrative contact removes the "REGISTRAR-LOCK" status from the domain

c) Make sure that the administrative contact obtains the transfer "authorisation code"

For these three things to happen, whoever is the administrative contact will probably need to get in touch with the existing registration company for the domain - either by using the online management system provided for the domain, or by posting or faxing their written instructions to the existing registration company.

Step 3

Contact us (or call on 01872 530895) so that we can start the ball rolling and initiate the transfer request to your existing registration company.

Although the whole process can complete quite quickly, it's wise to allow up to 14 days for the transfer.