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How to transfer an existing domain name to us

if you already own a domain name that you bought elsewhere (for shame!), you can transfer it to us. That means that we become responsible for managing the domain on your behalf.

What does a transfer cost?

From our side there is no transfer fee or set up charge at all. You will need to check with your existing domain registrar to see if they make a "transfer away" charge (you will be pleased to know that we have no such charges when the boot is on the other foot!).

Renewal of international domain names requires a one year extension. You get that FREE!

The agreed procedure for the transfer of international domain names (.com / .org / .net /.biz /.info) requires that the registration period of such names be extended by one year. That's if (and only if) the transfer goes through of course. But because it's our policy to provide free domain transfers, we will waive the fee for the additional year.

As an example let's say your domain registration is currently good for another eight months. After transferring to us it's new renewal date will be put back to twenty months.

This does NOT apply to UK domain names which do NOT get extended in the course of a transfer

How do I do a transfer?

  • For UK domain names (.uk / / / click here
  • For international domain names (.com / .org / .net /.biz /.info) click here