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UK domains are ultimately controlled by Nominet. Organisations such as ourselves can sell and manage UK domain names because we are agents for Nominet.

Each Nominet agent is given a unique identifying "registrar tag" and each UK registered domain name is automatically associated with one such registrar tag when the domain name is purchased. For a UK domain a "transfer" means that the registrar tag associated with the domain is changed to a different registrar tag.

Our Nominet registrar tag is "SOFT-ART"

How to transfer your domain name tag to us

You need to contact the people who sold you the domain name and instruct them as follows:

"Please transfer the Nominet registrar tag for my domain name (put your domain name here) to the tag SOFT-ART"

That's all there is to it! However you will need to find out from your current registration company what formalities they require. Probably you will need to issue a written request to them (either by letter or by fax).

What if I don't know where I bought the domain name from originally?

We may be able to help (call us on 01872 530895). Ultimately Nominet (the organisation that oversees the UK domain name space) will be able to sort this out for you even if the firm has gone belly up!

How long does a domain transfer take?

This is entirely up to the organisation you are dealing with. It CAN be done in just a few minutes. Some organisations drag their heels unfortunately.

If you are not satisfied that the registration company is responding properly to your request, Nominet will be able to help you.